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Troop 191 was created by Michael J. Kelley and Erick Selgren in September 1994. Since then we’ve produced 64 Eagle Scouts (and counting).

Our Scoutmaters:

  • Michael Kelley served as our first Scoutmaster from our Troop's founding in 1994 until September 2004.  He has since served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and as our Unit Commissioner.

  • After seven years as Committee Chair, Andy Weilert stepped into the role of Scoutmaster when Michael J. Kelley retired  in September 2004.   Andy still serves as a Committee Member.

  • Dean Nicholson took over as Scoutmaster in January 2013.

  • Clint Conrady became Scoutmaster in January 2016.

  • Bob Greene became Scoutmaster in March 2018.

  • Our current Scoutmaster is John Brailsford.

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We are chartered by Harmony Presbyterian Church (HPC) as a "Boy" Troop with the Boy Scouts of America.  At this time, HPC does not charter a "Girl" Troop, but we can help families with female Scouts contact some of the outstanding "Girl" BSA Troops in our District.

We have roughly 30 Scouts registered with 15-20 active at any given time depending on soccer, basketball, school, etc.  The troop has a very flexible policy concerning participation—if you pay your dues and participate in recharter you’re a member for the next year. 

We have over 15 registered adults with 6-10 participating in the weekly program.  Many of the registered adults have completed fundamental training and the Scoutmaster has completed Woodbadge. 

We always welcome adult participation and have positions and/or jobs to suit just about any schedule, aptitude and confidence level.

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We are a Scout-led troop.  Each autumn the scouts plan the events and themes for the coming year and choose a high-adventure goal for three years from now.  

The scheduled program includes a week at summer camp, attendance at Merit Badge University in January, a major high-adventure event and campouts and/or hikes monthly. 

The weekly meetings revolve around the older Scouts (Troop Guides) instructing the younger scouts on scouting skills and advancement requirements with the goal of advancing new scouts to first-class by the end of their second summer. and preparing them for the upcoming outings. 

The older Scouts also spend meeting time working on high-adventure preparations and merit badges with one of the counselors registered with the troop.  High adventures for the older boys have included: SCUBA diving, sailing and sea-kayaking at SeaBase (Florida), weeklong canoe trips Northern Tier (Northern Minnesota/Southern Ontario) and 7-12 day backpacking trips at Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. 

The youth leadership is elected on a regular schedule.  We elect our Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) every three months (January, April, July, October), and he serves three months as ASPL then three months as Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).  Other Troop and Patrol offices are elected or appointed on a six-month cycle (April/October) to provide plenty of opportunities for leadership. 

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The troop has a supply of tents, stoves and patrol boxes for check-out by the Scouts.  Scouts need to provide their personal gear:  sleeping bag, backpack or duffel bag, and mess kit.  

The Field Uniform consists of the khaki scout shirt and a troop-provided neckerchief.  We do not require BSA pants/shorts/socks/hats.  The summer uniform is a troop-specific Activity Shirt.

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Because of the pandemic, Troop dues and the Scout fundraising commitment have been temporarily suspended.  Boys Life is an additional $12 if desired.   Please contact our Committee Chair ( for the latest.

The troop participates in the district popcorn sale in the fall, camp card sales in the spring.  Proceeds from these fundraisers are divided between the troop and the Scouts with the Scouts’ share held in a “Scout account” for use on camp fees, high-adventure expenses, outdoor gear and other scout-related expenses. 

Summer camp fees are typically around $350.  District events (Fall/Summer Camporee, Klondike Derby, Merit Badge University) are typically covered by the fundraising commitment. 

The troop pays adult registration fees for volunteers (if desired). The Troop also pays fees for a fixed number of Youth Leader Training (NYLT/NAYLE) and Woodbadge.

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