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We often share a secret with our Scouts:  Grateful People are Happy People.  Our Scouts and adult volunteers frequently go above and beyond the call of duty, and it is important to recognize this both as a way of saying thank you and as a way of inspiring others to excel likewise. 

At each Court of Honor

  • Our Troop recognizes a Scout who has demonstrated great Scout Spirit with the Spirit Stick. He keeps this in his possession until the next Court of Honor where he bestows it on another Scout.

  • Our Scoutmaster highlights volunteers who have made a significant contribution of effort and enthusiasm to the Troop over the last quarter.

Also, the district annually recognizes leaders throughout the district for outstanding service. This includes Leaders of the Year awards (e.g. Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year, Committee Member of the Year), District Award of Merit, and others. The district also offers a Spark Plug Award that each unit (Troop, Pack, Crew, etc.) can bestow on an individual (or married couple) within the unit.

It is on this page that we recognize adult volunteers for making activities and events possible, Scouts who perform outstanding service to the Troop or other organizations, and Scouts who demonstrating great Scout Spirit.

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In March 2024, Cole R. save stick to Nathan H. for his hard work with the troop.
In November 2023, Perry A. gave stick to Cole R. for his participation in almost every troop meeting, activity, and Eagle Project.
In August 2023, Parker A. gave stick to Perry A. for his kindness to all of his fellow Scouts.
In May 2023, Eli J. gave stick to Parker A.
In January 2023, Will S. gave stick to Eli J.
In August 2022, John Paul gave stick to Will S.
In February 2022, Liam N. gave stick to John Paul
In November 2021, Kev gave stick to Liam N.
In August 2021, Nathaniel G. gave stick to Kev
In July 2020, Will S. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Nathaniel G. for being cheerfully active in the Troop.
In February 2020, Will K-H awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Will S. for being a cheerful Scout.
In October 2019, Liam N. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Will K-H for his leadership and Scout spirit.
In July 2019, Skyler R. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Liam N. for being a very active participant in the Troop and showing great spirit.
In May 2019, Jamie H. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Skyler R. for demonstrating leadership.
In  February 2019, Nathaniel G. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Jamie H. for all of his great leadership leading Improv Month
In October 2018, Bennett K. awarded the Scout Spirit Stick to Nathaniel G. for being a very active participant in the Troop and for helping to lead meetings.

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At the Council Recognition Dinner on February 15, 2020, Jonathan Chan received a Lifesaving Award for saving the life of Johnnie LeClere from drowning on August 13, 2017. Johnnie was age 6 at the time of the incident, and he slipped from the shallow end of the pool into the steep slope of the deep end and began to struggle.

Jonathan, saw this and quickly used his knowledge of Reach, Throw, Row, Go to safely pull Johnnie to the edge of the pool with a pool noodle. He then made sure that Johnnie was breathing and steady and wouldn't fall back into the pool. Johnnie's father Mark is certain that Jonathan's calm but quick actions saved his son's life.

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Several of our Troop 191 Volunteers have been nominated and recognized at the Bighorn District Awards Ceremony over the last several years:

2023 (celebrated in March 2024):

  • Michael Kelley was recognized as Unit Commissioner of the Year.

  • Jim Abraham was recognized as the Troop 191 Spark Plug of the Year.

2022 (celebrated in January 2023):

  • John Brailsford was recognized as the Scouter of the Year.

2020 (celebrated in February 2021):

  • John Brailsford was recognized as the Assistant Scoutmaster of the Year.

  • Mike and Staci Perkins were recognized as the Troop 191 Spark Plug(s) of the Year.

2019 (celebrated in February 2020):

  • Robin Richardson was recognized as Troop Committee Chair of the Year.

  • Mike Keenan-Harte was recognized as Assistant Scoutmaster of the year.

  • Tonia Elvir-Nazar was recognized as our Troop 191 Spark Plug of the Year.

  • Jennifer Bacon was nominated for the Troop Scouter of the Year.

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